Azotea Forus Barceló
Healthy food at the Barceló Market
Azotea Forus Barcelo, grupo azotea, comida healthy
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Through our new Gastroescuelaproject, in collaboration with Coca-Cola, we are committed to the inclusion of young people in vulnerable situations.
The employability of people in risky situations is one of the social commitments of Azotea Grupo. Thanks to this initiative, 20 young people will learn a trade and live, throughout 2019, work experiences that give a boost to their lives.
They have started with a lot of desire and are as excited as the entire Team Azotea Group, I hope they have arrived to stay!


The letter from Azotea Forus Barceló it is an invitation to enjoyment full of healthy and fresh proposals with dips such as guisancamole, delicious cold soups, original salads in which there is no shortage of ingredients such as kale or edamame, and a very careful selection of raw dishes for food keep all your nutrients and convey maximum flavor.


The space is a garden in the heights, hidden on the top floor of the Barceló Market, with sun and shade areas created with eclectic furniture that take you to an oasis of vegetation located in the center of the big city.

A redoubt of freshness in the middle of Madrid’s asphalt, one of the capital’s best-kept secrets.